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Lose Weight with NightFood...

Just one NightFood bar after dinner. That’s it!
  • Satisfies Nighttime cravings
    on fewer calories
  • Keeps your diet on track
  • Supports better sleep
  • Optimized nighttime
    nutritional profile
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Your DNA is Forcing You to Eat at Night
Optimized Night-Time Nutrition is the Answer!
New research indicates that our biology fuels night-time cravings, driving us to eat after dinner before we sleep. And crave sweets after dark too. So your DNA may be causing you to snack at night and load up on calories!
Top nutritional experts now recognize that what we really need is the right night-time nutrition, in the “right ratio”, for those hours after-dinner before we go to sleep. That’s why we invented Night- Food – cracking the biological code on night-time snacking to help you lose the weight and satisfy the cravings. Decadent and delicious, at just 140-calories NightFood treat delivers just the right ratio of protein, fiber and carbs to ensure you don’t go to bed hungry, and you stay on your diet!
NightFood has the Perfect Ratio!
Eating the Wrong Thing Can Make it Worse
The Better Way to Satisfy Night-Time Cravings!
Let’s face it… 
We all know that high-calorie snacks will really pack on the pounds, but what you might think are healthy night-time snacks... like typical protein or nutrition bars, greek yogurt, or even a chicken breast can negatively affect your sleep when eaten after dinner - by delivering too much protein, sugar, fat, or certain other nutrients.
"My initial thoughts before trying NightFood was it probably would taste bad, but it did not at all. I love the taste… cookies and cream is liking having my dessert. It tastes great and really does help me go to sleep and sleep better. I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day!"
- Tracy R, Zeeland, MI

"It’s helped me to cut down on a lot of the calories I was taking in before bed…I would tend to eat entire packages of food, if I wasn’t careful. NightFood’s become almost like a ritual in the sense that I know it’s the last thing I’m going to eat for that night" 
- Aaron A., Shoreline WA 
*Some of the images above are lifestyle-representative images and not the actual person
The Secret Behind NightFood's Formula: Satisfying Cravings on Fewer Calories
NightFood works by combining the right ingredients in the right ratio, with unique and effective ingredients such as..

1. Puffed Amaranththis incredible ancient grain does more than just provide a great, crunchy texture. Contains more protein, lysine, magnesium, fiber, and iron than any other gluten-free grain.  

2. Rolled Oatshigh in fiber and protein, rolled oats are very satisfying, providing slow-burning fuel for night-time eating.   

3. Chicory chicory inulin is extracted from chicory. A great form of dietary fiber, an immune-boosting prebiotic, and has minimal impact on blood sugar.

4. Chocaminethis super-ingredient is derived from cocoa, and delivers all the healthful qualities of chocolate, leaving behind all the extra fat, calories, and sugar found in most commercial chocolate products. Promotes fullness with fewer calories, boosts mood, promotes a sense of calmness – the perfect nighttime nutrient.  

Lose Weight the Delicious Way!
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